Laser Ablation

Laser ablation in baku
It is a modern method of treatment of varicose veins. Its essence lies in the elimination of varicose veins using laser energy.

The benefits of treatment:
  • Modern laser device Biolitev ELVeS Painful 1470 nm (Germany)
  • Operation duration: 40 - 60 minutes
  • Local anesthesia (without anesthesia)
  • Without pain
  • Without incisions (no marks remain on the legs)
  • No need to stay in the clinic (no bed rest required)
  • The ability to perform on both legs in one day.

  • Expansion of the vein diameter greater than 10-12 mm
  • Valvular insufficiency of large and small subcutaneous veins
    Trophic ulcer

Large veins disappear immediately. An hour after the operation, You return to your daily routine.

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Results of treatment

Other treatments

  • Ultrasound of veins

  • Radiofrequency Ablation
  • ClariVein

  • Cryolaser - Cryosclerotherapy
  • Sclerotherapy

  • Echosclerotherapy

  • Compression stockings
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